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How Flash OPPO JOY R1001 80% Successfully addition EMMC Damaged, Tested On 3 Oppo Joy Blank Black And Shakes

 Tested On 3 Oppo Joy Blank Black And ShakesThis link stems from my personal experience on my new blog www.joelzr4u.com
If you would like to share please sign in and leave comments there, while this blog for the moment I will give priority to a firmware download and a little tutorial are tested. For a tutorial flashing please refer to the following steps.
For those who do not know chronological data download below can handle an illness that has not successfully treated by other data, such as data NAMNGUYEN, the data has NAMNGUYEN are data mainstay as well as technicians and includes me as well (a technician who has not finished technician) otherwise they rely on data. BIN using BOX or there are too many of them have long been familiar with these data, the advantages of this data is almost 80% conquered OPPO JOY R1001 bootloop, suspended animation, oFTEN RESTART, OPPO JOY BLANK LCD, BLANK BLACK SCREEN oR SEMI BLUE, OPPO JOY Vibrating and OPPO JOY ARE DEAD.

But for the moment my choice Stockroom those below, because a lot of experience that I experienced since managed to conquer the things that can not be conquered by Stockroom NAMNGUYEN, maybe a data room has NAMNGUYEN less just so the volume was much smaller success. But if the OPPO JOY I still use the new still has NAMNGUYEN, because the process is fast.

Note the SC under, what distinguishes stokrom under the NAMNGUYEN, there is no harm you collecting the second Stockroom.

Turn off and unplug the battery her Oppo
  • Open SPFT V.3.1332 version (recommended), then click scatter- loading select scatter, and leave everything checked, then click download.
  • Plug Usbnya (without battery) Wait vibrate and immediately
  • Press Vol + N to Flash tool loading on PC
  • Wait about 15 minutes to perform 'download Ok'

     Never FORMAT OPPO JOY with Sp. Flashtool because the resulting blank and vibrate, the solution I've ever heard should flash with a new box loader shell can be normal again


 If after flashing does not change, the possibility of IC EMMC problematic, or be tested well before flashing her EMMC conditions, this could be a benchmark to continue flashing or canceled, please click the Easy Way Knowing EMMC Damaged On Android

Try to check for accuracy, 75% accurate (according to experience)
 the sign is, the view when bootloop, in the logo / article OPPO when turned on, whether writing a sort of ripple OPPO there is movement from left to right? If there are, are usually successful.

If the writing OPPO silent as drawing die, meaning that MMC was broken, so it need not be in a flash, if imposed usually after flash oppo going blank semi blue or vibrate, for reckless please mess with joy, but check the 3rd course: system ( android) cahche and userdata

Firmware Oppo Joy R1001
password : 53l1n9kuh

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